When in Los Angeles, please visit us at 606 S. Hill St., Ste. 517, Los Angeles, CA 90014, Tel: (213) 406-0636, Fax: (213) 406-0637.
Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am to 5pm.

Welcome to Chic Jewelry, Inc.

Chic Jewelry Inc., is a 14K gold jewelry company, which currently operates a wholesale showroom in downtown Los Angeles, California. We import from several countries by various sources, and we are an exporter & wholesaler in the U.S.A. and many other countries .

Our imported products are manufactured in top-of-the-line facilities and are guaranteed to meet the highest standards in fine jewelry acquisitions, at very competitive prices.

Our Service

At Chic Jewelry, Inc., we provide exquisite and excellent customer service. Our seasoned team can guide wholesalers though our large inventory of products, and wholesalers are able to choose from any models, sizes and quantities. For Wholesale price inquiries, please email stc.325@gmail.com